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Meet Retired Navy Master Chief

Susan Hippen

Susan Hippen is a longtime Virginia Beach resident and retired U.S. Navy Master Chief. Her Naval career took her all over the world, including Hampton Roads. After retiring from a distinguished career in the Navy, she returned to Virginia Beach, where she helped raise her two great nephews. She’s served two terms on Virginia Board of  Veterans Services where she’s championed our veterans and military families. Now, she’s running to represent Virginia Beach residents in the 96th District in the Virginia House of Delegates. 

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Virginia's 96th House District

In 2021, Virginia legislative districts were redrawn using the 2020 Census data. This redistricting had major impacts on Virginia Beach. The newly-drawn 96th District covers central Virginia Beach to the southwest border of the city, adjacent to Chesapeake. Please visit the Virginia Public Access Project to see how redistricting impacted you: 


Protecting reproductive rights

The nation changed on June 24, 2022, when Roe v Wade was reversed by the United States Supreme Court. Women had a right taken away after 49 years of healthcare freedom. They wonder what freedom will go away next. It has not been long since women needed a man to sign for them to own property or open a bank account. Women are an integral part of society and Virginia’s laws should reflect that status.

Eliminating gun violence

Bullets are non-partisan and non-discriminatory. They hurt, maim, and kill whoever they hit. We have experienced this all over Virginia. We remember the 12 killed at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center in 2020, 4 congressmen shot at an Alexandria softball practice in 2017, and 33 killed at Virginia Tech in 2007. Virginia is known for easy access to weapons. We need to make it safer for citizens to go about their lives.

Strengthening public education

Education is the cornerstone of our society. Where we live, how we live, and what we consume are determined by the quality of the education we receive. Everyone goes to school at some point in their lives. Virginia’s schools must provide the foundation for every student. Those who work in education must have the resources they need, be adequately compensated, and be treated right.