Building a stronger Virginia for everyone

Protecting reproductive rights

The nation changed on June 24, 2022, when Roe v Wade was reversed by the United States Supreme Court. Women had a right taken away after 49 years of healthcare freedom. They wonder what freedom will go away next. It has not been long that women needed a man to sign for them to own property or open a bank account. Women are an integral part of society and Virginia’s laws should reflect that status.

Making our communities safer

Everyone should feel comfortable interacting with law enforcement. All members of law enforcement should have the training and equipment necessary to keep them safe as they protect and serve their jurisdictions.

Protecting our environment

Virginia is full of natural beauty and resources. Her lands serve as income sources for many residents. But those lands must be properly maintained and protected for future generations. Government, businesses, and citizens must work together to keep the Virginia that we all love.

Defending our Veterans and military families

Hampton Roads is the hub of Virginia’s military population. The assignment of military personnel and their families brings income to the region and uses local resources. Virginia must be welcoming to military members, veterans, and family members. 

Liberty and justice for all

Our society must be fair to all people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity. Access to the voting booth allows voters to determine who and how they are governed. Trial courts must dispense justice equitably. Discrimination cannot be tolerated at all. 

Gun violence prevention

Bullets are non-partisan, non-discriminatory. They hurt, maim, and kill whoever they hit. We have experienced this all over Virginia. We remember the 12 killed at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center in 2020, 4 congressmen shot at an Alexandria softball practice in 2017, and 33 killed at Virginia Tech in 2007. There were armed people in trees January 6, 2021 who knew that Virginia was the best place to store their weapons. Virginia is known for easy access to weapons. We need to make it safer for citizens to go about their lives.

Strengthening our public schools

Education is the cornerstone of our society. Where we live, how we live, and what we consume is determined on the quality of the education we receive. Everyone goes to school at some point in their lives. Virginia’s schools must provide the foundation for every student. Those who work in education must have the resources they need, be properly compensated, and treated right.